Meet Mike, A Big City Lawyer With a Small Town Style

Michael C. Giordano, experienced Elder Law Attorney & Nationally Certified Guardian, is a solo practice lawyer providing an elder law practice from his professional offices in Pennsylvania and New York. His services include:

Elder Law | Probate and Estate Administration | Social Security Disability | Guardianships | Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning | Power of Attorney | Veterans Benefits Law | Insurance and Reinsurance | Special Needs Trusts.

Here at Giordano Elder Law, Michael prides himself on treating each client like a family member. He combines the friendly, personal service you expect from a small, locally owned business, with the honest and knowledgeable advice you expect from a trusted, experienced advisor. When you call, you can speak directly to your attorney; not just a receptionist or paralegal.

Michael is a lawyer predominantly focused on serving the needs of seniors and the incapacitated in Pennsylvania and New York. Although his background and training was as a New York City lawyer with a large International law firm, he now provides a highly professional, yet friendly and personalized, small town practice with reasonable area rates. He is a member of NAELA, National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys along with a variety of other credentials.   Learn More...

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